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Our VISION at Colorado Springs Real Producers is to strengthen the CULTURE in real estate so that agents and vendors know each other on a deeper level and, as a result, will treat each other more humanely during transactions.

Brian Gowdy is the local owner and Publisher of Colorado Springs Real Producers, a division of The N2 Company.


Before Real Producers, Brian published Life in Broadmoor (now Stroll Broadmoor), which is a community-building publication exclusively for the Broadmoor neighborhood in Colorado Springs. He launched Life in Broadmoor in 2013 after moving to Colorado from Charleston, South Carolina.


Brian took over Colorado Springs Real Producers in February, 2020. His first action was to reshape the core values of the business, crafting the vision that steers the platform today.


In a given workday, you can catch Brian meeting with real estate agents and vendors to learn their stories and to create valuable connections for them within the real estate industry.


In his off time, Brian enjoys game nights, books, movies — anything that tells a good story. He also enjoys dancing Argentine Tango, yoga, mountain biking, puzzles, and escape rooms.


Fun fact: Brian loves creative writing and has written (several drafts of) his own book!


Despite the fact that Brian is a millennial, he answers his phone. Please reach out if you are interested in learning more about the Colorado Springs Real Producers community.



Brian Gowdy
Publisher of Colorado Springs Real Producers



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