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Our VISION at Colorado Springs Real Producers is to strengthen the CULTURE between real estate agents & vendors so that people know each other better and treat each other more humanely.

By connecting Colorado Springs's Top Real Estate agents to the top vendors in the Real Estate market, we can continue to grow and be one of the nation's leading markets for real estate transactions. 


Through our detailed vetting process, we ensure that all vendors provide quality services. 



Brian Gowdy is the new owner and Publisher of Colorado Springs Real Producers.


In a given day, you can find Brian meeting with top-producing agents to gather ideas for Real Producers; coordinating with caterers, venues, and promoters in planning of the next Real Producers mixer; and meeting with businesses referred to Real Producers by top agents, inviting them into the Real Producers community.


Brian has worked in publishing for seven years, his entire professional career. Prior to Real Producers, he published life in Broadmoor and pioneered the quality-control program that his company uses to this day.


Brian is most passionate while working in a niche that no one is catering to and setting a near-impossible standard for competitors to match. He also loves sharing stories of self-driven individuals who are chasing their dreams.


In his “off time,” you can find Brian at partner-dance classes and socials, hot yoga studios, hiking the incline, and unwinding with a good book or a movie.


Despite the fact that Brian is a “millennial,” he does answer his phone. Please reach out if you want to be a part of the Real Producers community!



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Brian Gowdy
Real Producers Publisher



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